All of the following options are 60 minutes long as standard, including a short Q&A at the end. Can be delivered by Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex, or on your preferred video conferencing platform.

Bespoke webinar topics are also available on request, at an extra cost.

Price per webinar: £750 +VAT

The Science of Stress: Understanding Its Impact on Health, Productivity, and Wellbeing

Dive deep into the biological and psychological intricacies of stress, its impact on health and performance, and the significance of stress management. This webinar provides an engaging exploration of the effects of chronic stress, offering foundational knowledge for any individual or organisation seeking to improve productivity, wellbeing, and resilience.

  • Understand the physiological and psychological mechanisms of stress.
  • Learn about the impact of chronic stress on individual health and workplace productivity.
  • Recognise the signs of stress and the implications for personal wellbeing and organisational performance.

Beyond Burnout: Building Resilience in High-Stress Environments

In a world of increasing demands and diminishing resources, burnout is an all-too-common experience. This webinar empowers participants to recognise and respond effectively to burnout signs, while learning to cultivate personal and organisational resilience. Unlock the keys to fostering a culture that supports mental wellbeing and sustained productivity.

  • Identify the signs and stages of burnout.
  • Discover strategies for building resilience and managing stress in high-pressure situations.
  • Understand the role of organisational culture in preventing burnout and promoting resilience.

Mastering the Stress-Performance Paradox: Unlocking Your Team's Potential

Stress and performance share a complex relationship - a paradox that, when mastered, can unlock a team's true potential. This webinar navigates this delicate balance, offering actionable strategies to manage stress and optimise performance. Leaders will gain insights into fostering a work environment that promotes balance, productivity, and sustained performance.

  • Understand the relationship between stress and performance, and the concept of optimal stress.
  • Learn techniques for managing team stress levels to promote peak performance.
  • Explore the role of leadership in creating a balanced, high-performing work environment.

The MED Approach: Achieving More with Less Stress

Striking the balance between productivity and stress can be a challenge. The MED Approach: Achieving More with Less Stress introduces a powerful principle, guiding participants in maximising efficiency while minimising stress. Explore techniques to streamline work processes, optimise stress levels, and effectively manage your energy and time for sustainable productivity

  • Understand the philosophy of the MED (Minimum Effective Dose) Approach and how it applies to stress management.
  • Learn strategies for efficient work and stress optimisation to enhance productivity.
  • Discover how to implement the MED Approach in your personal and professional life.

From Reacting to Adapting: The Role of Stress Management in Change Leadership

Change is a constant in today's dynamic work environment, and it can often be a source of stress. From Reacting to Adapting: The Role of Stress Management in Change Leadership provides leaders with insights and tools to manage stress during periods of change. Discover how stress management can be a catalyst for successful change processes and transformational leadership.

  • Understand the relationship between stress and change, and the role of adaptive leadership.
  • Learn strategies for managing stress during times of change and transition.
  • Explore the principles of change leadership and how stress management can facilitate successful change processes.

Stressonomics for Leaders: Leveraging Stress for Optimal Performance

Stress, when understood and managed effectively, can be a powerful tool for growth and performance. Stressonomics for Leaders: Leveraging Stress for Optimal Performance equips leaders with a novel understanding of stress and its strategic use in the workplace. Learn to transform stress from a liability into an asset, fostering a culture of growth, resilience, and optimal performance.

  • Understand the principles of Stressonomics and its application in leadership roles.
  • Discover how to use stress strategically to enhance individual and team performance.
  • Learn to create a work environment that harnesses stress for growth and productivity.

Balancing Act: Systemic and Individual Interventions in Stress Management

Stress management requires interventions at both the systemic and individual levels. Balancing Act: Systemic and Individual Interventions in Stress Management provides a comprehensive overview of strategies suitable for both spheres. Learn how to create an organisational culture that fosters resilience and develop individual capacities to manage stress effectively, resulting in a more balanced, healthy, and productive workplace.

  • Understand the difference and synergy between systemic and individual approaches to stress management.
  • Learn various intervention strategies to manage stress at both the organisational and individual levels.
  • Gain insights on how to establish a balanced, holistic stress management approach that caters to diverse needs.

Building an Unbreakable Team: Stress Management for Enhanced Team Performance

High-stress environments can impact team performance and dynamics. Building an Unbreakable Team: Stress Management for Enhanced Team Performance equips leaders with practical strategies to create a supportive and resilient team culture. Discover how open dialogues about stress and mental health can foster team resilience, leading to improved collaboration, performance, and overall wellbeing.

  • Understand the impact of stress on team dynamics and performance.
  • Learn strategies to build resilience within your team, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Discover how to facilitate open dialogue about stress and mental health within your team.

Navigating Uncertainty: Stress Management Techniques for Unpredictable Times

Uncertainty can amplify stress, affecting both personal wellbeing and professional performance. Navigating Uncertainty: Stress Management Techniques for Unpredictable Times provides practical strategies for managing stress and building resilience during uncertain periods. This webinar guides leaders in fostering an environment that promotes adaptability, helping individuals and teams thrive amidst change.

  • Understand the effects of uncertainty on stress levels and learn effective coping mechanisms.
  • Discover strategies to manage stress and build resilience during periods of uncertainty.
  • Learn how to lead effectively during unpredictable times by fostering an environment of resilience and adaptability.

Managing Remote Work Stress: Strategies for Leading Dispersed Teams

Remote work comes with its unique set of stressors. Managing Remote Work Stress: Strategies for Leading Dispersed Teams focuses on identifying these challenges and providing practical solutions to address them. This webinar will also equip leaders with the skills to maintain connection and foster collaboration in dispersed teams, ensuring a productive and stress-resilient remote work environment.

  • Understand the unique stressors related to remote work and learn effective strategies to manage them.
  • Discover techniques for maintaining connection and fostering collaboration in dispersed teams.
  • Gain insights on how to lead effectively in a remote work setting, fostering an environment of productivity and wellbeing.

Resilience in Practice: Everyday Habits for Long-Term Stress Management

Resilience plays a crucial role in managing stress effectively. Resilience in Practice: Everyday Habits for Long-Term Stress Management is designed to help participants understand the importance of resilience and learn practical habits to foster it. This webinar guides participants in incorporating these resilience-building habits into their daily routine and work culture, supporting long-term stress management and wellbeing.

  • Understand the concept of resilience and its role in long-term stress management.
  • Discover practical everyday habits that can foster resilience and improve stress management.
  • Learn how to incorporate these resilience-building habits into your daily routine and work culture.

The Power of Mindset: Shifting Attitudes towards Stress and Challenges

Our mindset can shape our response to stress and challenges. The Power of Mindset: Shifting Attitudes towards Stress and Challenges helps participants understand this link and provides practical strategies to shift their mindset. This shift can lead to a more positive and adaptive response to stress, boosting stress resilience and performance. The webinar also covers how to foster such positive mindset shifts within a team or organisation.

  • Understand the role of mindset in managing stress and responding to challenges.
  • Discover strategies to shift your mindset towards stress and challenges, fostering a more positive and adaptive response.
  • Learn how to cultivate a positive mindset within your team or organisation, improving overall stress resilience and performance.


All of the following options are 2 hours long as standard, and feature a variety of engaging group activites. Delivered on-site as standard, but can be delivered virtually if necessary.

Bespoke workshops are also available on request, at an extra cost.

Price per workshop: £3000 +VAT

(Price includes all domestic travel expenses, mainland UK. International travel POA)

Building a Resilient Team: Leadership Strategies for Managing Stress

Equip your leadership with the knowledge and strategies to cultivate resilience within your teams. This workshop delves into effective leadership practices that can foster resilience, improve performance, and reduce stress. Harness the power of resilience to create a thriving, adaptable, and high-performing team environment.

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of resilience and its importance in managing team stress.
  • Explore leadership strategies that encourage resilience and mitigate stress within teams.
  • Examine real-life case studies illustrating the impact of resilient leadership on team dynamics and performance.
  • Develop a practical action plan to foster resilience and manage stress in your team.

The Resilient Mind: Neuroscientific Approaches to Stress Management

Dive into the science of the brain and discover how understanding neurology can empower your stress management and resilience strategies. This workshop explores the role of neuroplasticity in resilience and offers practical, brain-based techniques to navigate stress effectively.

  • Gain insights into the neuroscience of stress and resilience.
  • Learn how neuroplasticity can play a role in stress management and resilience building.
  • Explore brain-based strategies for managing stress and enhancing resilience.
  • Apply these neuroscience-informed techniques to personal and professional stress scenarios.

Stress Strategy: Building a Comprehensive Organisational Stress Management Plan

Create a healthier, more productive work environment with a comprehensive organisational stress management plan. This workshop guides you through assessing your current stress landscape, and designing and implementing a tailored strategy to manage stress effectively across your organisation.

  • Understand the essential components of an effective organisational stress management plan.
  • Learn how to assess your organisation's current stress levels and resilience capacity.
  • Discover key strategies and interventions for managing and reducing stress at both individual and systemic levels.
  • Develop a tailored, comprehensive stress management plan for your organisation.

Mastery of Adversity: Advanced Techniques for Overcoming High-Stress Challenges

Master the art of navigating high-stress challenges and turning adversity into growth opportunities. This workshop offers advanced techniques for managing high-stress situations, fostering adaptability, and building resilience in the face of adversity. Empower yourself to rise above challenges and transform them into catalysts for growth and success.

  • Understand the nature of adversity and its relationship with stress and resilience.
  • Learn advanced techniques to manage high-stress challenges and navigate adversity effectively.
  • Practice applying these techniques to various high-stress scenarios.
  • Develop a personal action plan to implement these advanced strategies in real-world situations.

Why Stressonomics?

At the heart of all successful organisations lie resilient, engaged, and stress-aware teams. That’s why I focus on delivering services that combine leading-edge research, practical wisdom, and engaging content - services which are truly transformative.

My webinars offer bite-sized learning modules that delve into specific aspects of stress management, resilience, and performance. They are designed to be flexible and accessible, enabling your teams to gain valuable insights in an engaging and interactive format that fits around their schedules.

My workshops go one step further, offering immersive, deep-dive sessions that equip your teams with tangible skills and strategies. These sessions are grounded in scientific research and offer practical tools that participants can immediately put into practice. They provide the perfect blend of theory and application, creating an environment where new ideas can flourish and be implemented effectively in the workplace.

And finally, my packages deliver an integrated, comprehensive approach to resilience and stress management. From a series of webinars to a combination of webinars and workshops, each package is tailored to provide maximum value and impact, addressing stress management from multiple angles and ensuring a thorough understanding and application of these critical concepts.

Having worked with a diverse range of organisations, I understand the unique challenges that different teams face. That's why my approach is adaptable and customisable, allowing me to address the specific needs of your team and deliver solutions that make a real difference.

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of my previous clients have to say:


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