"Hello, I'm Jay!

With my roots in biology and as a current MSc Psychology student, I have navigated through the personal trials and tribulations of stress and burnout. I've faced cancer and depression, and learned to manage a chronic stress-related condition - fibromyalgia. Instead of allowing these challenges to hinder my progress, I converted them into stepping stones, using my experiences to develop 'Stressonomics'. This approach equips individuals and organisations with the strategies they need to thrive, not in spite of stress, but by leveraging it.

Today, I'm revolutionising the way we perceive and manage stress. As a father of two, former science teacher, and personal trainer, I bring a rich tapestry of life experience to my role. I'm here to help organisations evolve from surviving stress to growing through it, offering a practical framework that integrates stress for optimal performance and wellbeing."

Jay Unwin speaker bio

Jay Unwin brings a wealth of lived experience and academic insight to the field of stress management. As a psychology postgraduate and lifelong student of biology, he’s also navigated personal challenges including burnout, cancer, depression, and managing a chronic stress-related condition - fibromyalgia. These experiences have not only shaped Jay’s perspective but have driven him to develop an innovative approach to stress management - Stressonomics.

In his early career, Jay was a dedicated science teacher and later, a personal trainer. These roles were not without their challenges - Jay experienced burnout twice, the first incident ending his teaching career and the second causing him to lose his successful personal training business. Additionally, the arrival of his first child added another dimension to his stress landscape. However, each of these instances marked not an endpoint, but a transformation.

Rising from these challenges, Jay created Stressonomics - an integrated approach that turns traditional stress management on its head. Drawing on latest research from psychology and biology, as well as from the business world, Stressonomics provides a suite of strategies that view stress not as an enemy, but as a tool for growth and performance. Stressonomics addresses the multifaceted nature of stress - its impact on health, productivity, and wellbeing, and the need for resilience in high-stress environments.

Today, Jay works with a diverse range of organisations, from household-name multinational brands to universities, helping them shift their stress narrative. His compelling workshops, webinars, and keynotes highlight the paradox of stress-performance and the necessity of adaptability in the face of change. Stressonomics isn’t about just surviving stress - it’s about harnessing it, mastering it, and using it as a tool for growth.

As a father of two daughters, Jay is acutely aware of the societal pressures that contribute to our stress landscapes. He is an active advocate for societal resilience, contributing to discussions and debates on stress, mental health, and the future of work. He brings his lived experience, academic knowledge, and charisma to every platform.

With Stressonomics, Jay is changing the conversation around stress. He empowers individuals and organisations to move from a state of reaction to one of adaptation and growth, challenging conventional wisdom and offering innovative solutions. In a world where stress is often seen as a destructive force, Jay offers a different narrative - one where, if managed effectively, stress can be a catalyst for success.

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