When it comes to addressing stress, it's not about avoidance, but about understanding, embracing, and harnessing it for growth...

Jay Unwin brings an innovative approach to this pervasive issue that empowers individuals and organisations alike. A passionate speaker, Jay masterfully intertwines his academic insight, personal experiences, and the revolutionary framework of Stressonomics to inspire audiences and catalyse change.

Through his dynamic and engaging presentations, he uncovers the untapped potential within stress, shifting paradigms, and offering practical tools to transform adversity into an engine for success.

Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker to captivate your audience or a thought-leader for a panel discussion, Jay delivers transformative experiences that leave lasting impact.

Discover a new narrative of stress and resilience with Jay Unwin - because stress, when managed effectively, can be a catalyst for success.

Jay Unwin speaker bio

Keynote Speaking:

Riffs & Resilience

Experience a thought-provoking and transformative journey with Jay as he combines his love of heavy music with insightful teachings about stress and resilience. His keynote presentations are far from conventional, offering an immersive exploration of the human spirit's ability to evolve through adversity.

Key Themes:

  • Understanding Stress: Not all stress is destructive; it can be a catalyst for growth when harnessed correctly. Jay's talks illuminate this dual nature of stress through personal anecdotes and real-world examples.
  • Building Resilience: Building resilience isn't about avoiding stress, but developing the capacity to recover and grow from stressful experiences. Learn strategies to enhance your adaptability and resilience.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Life's heaviest riffs can be our greatest teachers. Discover the transformative power of adversity and how it often leads to the unearthing of unknown personal strengths.

Why Book Jay?

Audiences consistently praise Jay's ability to present complex topics in an engaging and accessible way. With stories drawn from his personal experiences and a unique metaphorical approach, he leaves attendees with practical tools and a renewed perspective on stress and adversity.

"He's an incredibly engaging speaker who's candid and knowledgeable approach engaged our team. We have had some fabulous feedback and can't wait to work with Jay again in the near future." - Lindsey Daw, Delt

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Panel Events: Enriching Discussions with Unique Perspectives

Jay brings a distinct and dynamic voice to panel discussions, blending his multifaceted expertise in stress management with personal anecdotes and vibrant metaphors from the world of heavy music. Though new to the panelist arena, Jay's comprehensive understanding of stress and resilience, grounded in his Stressonomics approach, enables him to contribute valuable insights on a variety of topics.

Potential Panel Topics:

  • The Dual Nature of Stress: Exploring the dichotomy of stress as both a challenge and an opportunity for growth.
  • Building Resilience in Teams: Discussing practical strategies to foster resilience at an organizational level.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Sharing perspectives on the transformative power of adversity and how it can reveal hidden personal strengths.

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Podcast Guesting: Sharing Insights through Engaging Conversations

Jay is ready to amplify his passion for stress management and resilience through the power of digital conversation. As a guest on podcasts, videos, or live streams, he brings a unique perspective that combines science, personal experience, and the transformative energy of heavy music.

Potential Topics for Discussion:

  • The Stressonomics Approach: An engaging exploration of this multidisciplinary approach to stress management, drawing from science, philosophy, and personal experience.
  • Resilience and Adversity: Insightful discussions on the importance of resilience in overcoming adversity and achieving personal and professional growth.
  • The Connection Between Music and Wellbeing: Drawing parallels between the high-intensity world of heavy music and life's challenges, creating unique metaphors to better understand stress and resilience.

Jay's electrifying energy and distinctive viewpoints make for compelling content that resonates with diverse audiences. See below for a selection of links to Jay's appearances on various platforms.

Core-Led Women

Jay and I talk about burnout, laziness, sleep, stress buckets, rest, recovery, and more in this conversation for #ThisIsBurnout.



CEO Dean Seddon talks with International Speaker & Consultant Jay Unwin about how generations are using social media, burnout culture, and their approach to social media strategy.


360 Degrees

In this episode, we chat to alum Jay Unwin about how to manage stress and what it means to be mentally, as well as physically, fit.


BBC Radio Devon

'Jay Unwin was a teacher before turning his experience of 'burnout' into a positive.'

Hear a clip of Jay chatting with David Fitzgerald about stress, adversity, burnout and more.


'Stress Relief In Your Pocket' with The Wellness Theory

Harnessing Minimum Effective Dose, Combating Burnout, and Managing Stress for Peak Performance


Fit To Lead

Check out past episodes of Jay's own podcast, which ran for two seasons from November 2020 until January 2022.

(Brand new podcast coming later this year... 🤫)


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Unleash a Dynamic, Inspirational Voice on Your Stage

Jay's unique expertise lies in blending scientific rigour, personal experience, and the transformative power of heavy music to redefine stress management and resilience. With an approach steeped in authenticity and the principles of Stressonomics, Jay leaves his audience not only informed but also inspired.

What sets Jay apart?

Knowledge & Experience

Jay has a deep understanding of stress management and resilience from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Unique Perspective

He uniquely intersects his passion for heavy music with stress management, leading to a fresh and resonant discourse.

Relatable Storyteller

Jay's compelling narratives of personal experiences and adversity engage and inspire audiences, providing practical insights in a memorable way.

Booking Information

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Rest assured, Jay is highly adaptable to different formats - be it keynotes, panel discussions, or guesting on digital platforms. He's prepared to inspire and engage your audience in a way that's best suited to your event.

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