Stress, Performance & Quality of Life

There is a really fine balance to strike between a model being simple enough to understand and being oversimplified.

Which is why this image will keep evolving.

I have been playing with causal models for a couple of months (yes, I'm a nerd, deal with it), looking to build a graphic representation of how external and psychological stressors affect performance quality of life.

When you get into full stress response causal models it gets very complex very fast.

You know, with all them hormones and neurotransmitters buzzing around?

That's something I wanted to avoid, because that level of detail is not necessary for the changes that I want to encourage.

No, we just need a clear illustration of the impacts of real world stuff that we see and experience on a daily basis, on other real world stuff.

(Of course all the physiological and psychological stuff is real too, but you know exactly what I'm getting at)

If we want to effect change in how stress impacts individual wellbeing and...

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Individual Level Solutions vs Systemic Action for Wellbeing

After a couple of years in her current job, Chloe is finding that the workload is wearing her down. She knew it would be a high-pressure role, that’s the nature of the industry, but it’s still taking its toll. When she spoke to her line manager, she was directed towards some possible things that would help manage her stress more effectively. She started going to the gym regularly, and it has helped a little… but the workload hasn’t changed, so it’s not fixed the problem at hand. It’s still meeting after meeting, with little time to catch up on real work. Instead of being able to thrive and do her best work, Chloe feels like she’s drowning a little more each day.

Jonathan has a similar issue, but due to a chronic physical condition he feels like the gym isn’t an option for him. His partner suggested that he try mindfulness, and the company he works for has an app subscription to help with it. He’s been doing it for a few weeks,...

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