Three Top Tips For Changing Your Habits

fitness habits top tips Jun 16, 2020

This is a nice quick blast of actionable strategies and advice, no fluff.

Know who you want to become. Not what you want to achieve, although that is helpful too, but WHO you want to become. Think about characteristics you would like to have, what kind of person you want to be. Attaching your journey to your identity rather than outcomes can help you be much more consistent with your new routines. If you already have goals, ask yourself what kind of person would achieve those goals. Then be that person.

Start small. Only pick a handful of habits to start with, just three or four. And make sure you pick the easiest ones to change. Don't try and change the biggest things at the start, those can come later. We want to get some easy points on the board early, so start with three to four habits you know you can nail. Success will give you a burst of dopamine which will drive you on to achieve further success when you build on these foundations.

Engineer your environment. Your surroundings will dictate your level of success, so make sure you adjust them as necessary. If you want to go for a run every morning, put your running shoes next to your bed. If you want to snack on fruit rather than junk, quit buying junk and fill a fruit bowl to keep on your table where you can see it. It seems obvious, but this is something most people miss. Remove the barriers between you and the good habits, and put barriers in the way of the bad habits.

There you go, told you there was no fluff.

Quick, simple, and you can implement it straight away,

If you would like some FREE help and support putting this stuff in place, drop your name and email here and I'll let you know when my next 5-Day Habit Change Challenge is open for registration.

Now go make some changes...


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