SI 006: Life changes, and priorities change

Life is never static.

As we go through our respective journeys, we grow and develop.

We change physically, mentally, emotionally...

Our environment changes, our families change, our friends change, our work changes.

So why do we attempt to keep our fitness and wellbeing goals the same?

You won't be alone if at least some of your health and fitness goals are rooted in reclaiming a past sense of yourself.

Huge swathes of fitness marketing revolve around youthfulness, either in appearance or performance.

Getting back your pre-pregnancy body.

Being as athletic as you were at 20.

Tightening and toning up, regaining what you thought was lost forever.

Now, don't get me wrong, good fitness and wellbeing habits do have anti-aging (or even aging-reversal) effects - resistance training (such as lifting weights) for example can have some really tremendous results on a cellular level.

But is it detrimental to have this goal of time-travel at the core of our fitness activities?

Because, let's be honest, you don't have the body you had at 20.

You don't have the body you had before kids.

You don't have the literal cells you had back then, and the organs and systems they make up are different.

Your lifestyle, your environment, it's all changed.

So perhaps it would be beneficial to adjust your fitness and wellbeing goals to be more relevant to NOW.

Reflect on what you want.

What you REALLY want, not what is being marketed to you as the ideal.

And consider why you want it... what is underpinning those desires?

Is what you want to achieve going to improve your quality of life in any meaningful way?

If not, perhaps you should look for some other goals to pursue.

My goals at 37 years old, with two young kids, a growing business, and a hyperactive teenage puppy (among many other factors) are different to the goals I had at 27.

My goals at 47 will be different again.

Because my life has changed, and will continue to change.

And so will my priorities.

How about you?

What are your priorities now, really?

Let me know by dropping me a comment 😊

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Until next week…

Big love,

Jay x


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