SI 002: Your habit audit

Good morning!


Hey check me out, I’ve done two weeks in a row, GO ME 😂


Last week I wrote you a little message about setting the right kind of goals.


Goals which actually MEAN something to you.


This week I think it’s highly worthwhile to explain my concept of a ‘habit audit’


You see, it’s all well and good knowing what you want, and knowing where you are now in relation to those goals.


But without assessing your behaviours you can’t possibly know what changes to start making.


Most people jump in with activities they see other people doing, with no regard to whether it’s too much of a leap for them as an individual.


Does this ring any bells?


New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?


Instead of making blind changes, here’s what I recommend.


List all your daily behaviours under one or the other of the following headings:

  1. Habits which serve me.
  2. Habits which hold me back.


And list them with reference to the goals you set for yourself (see last week’s email for more on that one)


This way you end up with a clear picture of what you’re currently doing, and what effect those actions are having on your goals.


It’s not always an easy task, and you will probably need to keep it as a working document.


You’ll be going about your daily business and suddenly think ‘shit, I forgot I did this… this needs to go in my audit!’


So consider it as an evolving document.


Once you have this picture, you can get clear on what needs to change (but don’t try and change everything all at once!)


Is this something you’ve ever tried in the past?


Let me know by dropping me a comment 😊


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Until next week…


Big love,

Jay x


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