SI 001: You don't want what you think you want...

Happy Saturday!


And welcome to the first edition of my brand new Slight Improvement newsletter.


The idea (as you no doubt already know) is to send you something useful and actionable every Saturday morning.


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We’re talking about habits, routines and lifestyle for improved mental and physical fitness.


I.e.: your capacity to cope with and recover from stress


These emails will be pretty short, as I know you already have a busy life.


I’m about managing stress, not adding more to your plate 😂


I am also totally open to conversations, so feel free to hit the reply button and ask me a question, or give me some feedback…


What shall I teach you today?


Well, as it’s the first edition, it makes sense to me to give you a starting point for making sustainable changes…




What do I mean?


You have probably absorbed goals from other people.


From people close to you, or from society as a whole.


You might think you want to lose a few lbs.


You might think you want to ‘tone up’.


You might think you want to gain a bit of muscle.


But the question is, what value would any of these things add to your life?


Sometimes, losing some body fat could improve your health (but certainly not always)


Sometimes, toning up could improve your confidence (but certainly not always)


Sometimes, gaining muscle could improve your physical abilities (but certainly not always)


What’s your end goal here?


What do you actually want to add to your life?


When you start understanding your priorities, you can make a plan which reflects that.


Rather than wondering why you can’t get those results…


(spoiler alert - it’s because deep down you don’t really care about those arbitrary things society keeps hurling at you as being aspirational)


So, what is your priority?


What do you really want out of life?


Today, and in the future?


Feel free to drop me a reply with your thoughts if you like, I’d love to hear about your REAL goals!


Until next week…


Big love,


Jay x


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