Stress, Hugs & Rock n Roll

My lived experience of stress & adversity

The biggest barrier when it comes to individuals changing their behaviours around mental and physical fitness and stress management, is their belief in its relevance and accessibility.

That is, most people are so disengaged with fitness and wellbeing as a result of poor past experiences that they don't see it as something that's attainable, realistic or enjoyable for them.

This keynote changes all that.

Through combining personal stories of overcoming adversity with professional expertise from over a decade of coaching, this keynote will reframe fitness and stress management as something accessible to all, and a means by which we can overcome challenge and improve our overall quality of life.

stress management keynote


  • Inspire Resilience: Powerful, relatable stories of stress and adversity that motivate audiences to face challenges with courage and determination.

  • Foster Empathy: Helps create an inclusive, supportive environment by connecting with individuals facing similar adversity.

  • Practical Solutions: Provides valuable, actionable stress management strategies to enhance personal and professional wellbeing.

  • Boost Productivity: Encourages employee engagement, resulting in a healthier, more efficient work culture.

  • Open Dialogue: Sparks honest discussions, helping to prioritise employee wellbeing, and destigmatise mental health conversations in the workplace.


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