Introduction to Sustainable Lifestyle Change for Busy Professionals


Short course providing you with the simple but powerful concepts and tools to make lasting changes to your daily habits and routines, in order to improve your mental and physical fitness.


Personal Stress Management Operating System


Full-length online course, on-demand lessons and resources helping you build habits and routines which increase your capacity to cope with and recover from the inevitable stresses of life, and thrive amongst the chaos!


'Adapt & Evolve' Personal Stress Management Strategy Coaching

from £950

Looking for more personalised guidance? Have me in your corner for a three-month period and get all the tailored support you need to get the fitness and wellbeing results you want.


About Jay

With a decade of experience in health, fitness and wellbeing, plus a former career in science education, Jay is extremely well-placed to simplify ideas which are often considered complex or overwhelming.

After surviving cancer and overcoming depression as a teenager, burning out quite catastrophically on two separate occasions as an adult, and then being diagnosed with a chronic disability within the past few years, Jay developed a mental and physical fitness philosophy to rebuild the strength of his body and mind, and to avoid slipping back down ever again.

This philosophy is now the cornerstone of what he teaches to leaders and their organisations around the world, including Frontier Economics, Christian Aid, the RAC and the University of Southampton. It’s all pinned on a few central tenets: accessibility, adaptability and efficiency.

Jay's mission is quite simple: to help as many people as possible improve their overall quality of life, through improved mental and physical fitness.


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