Welcome to a world where stress becomes your ally, not your adversary...

This is the platform that will help you see and experience stress in a new light - as a catalyst for growth, resilience, and peak performance. Whether you're navigating the challenges of high-pressure environments or looking to take your personal and professional growth to the next level, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Dive into the transformative power of the S-OS: Stressonomics Operating System, an online course meticulously designed to equip you with the skills, strategies, and mindset you need to manage stress effectively and use it to your advantage. Or perhaps you're ready for a more personalised journey? Adapt & Evolve, an executive coaching programme, offers you bespoke strategies and insights tailored to your unique challenges and goals. 

Experience the power of science-backed stress management techniques, elevate your personal productivity, foster a robust growth mindset, and enhance self-awareness. It's time to transform stress from a liability into a strength and unlock your true potential. Your journey towards stress mastery starts here.

StressFest Community 

Discover. Connect. Thrive.

Welcome to the StressFest Community, where understanding meets action and stress transforms into resilience. Curated for individuals like you, StressFest is more than just a space—it's a movement. Here, we journey through the multifaceted landscape of stress, examining its nuances, challenges, and hidden opportunities.

Why Join the StressFest Community?

  • Holistic Understanding: Dive deep into the intricate realms of stress—from physiology to philosophy, and psychology to pragmatism. Grasp not just the 'how' but also the 'why' behind stress.

  • Empowering Resources: Gain access to a vault of curated content, webinars, articles, and exclusive tools designed to help you master the art and science of stress management.

  • Supportive Network: Connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe. Share stories, seek advice, or just find a listening ear in our vibrant and supportive community.

  • Regular Events: Participate in live webinars, Q&A sessions with experts, and interactive workshops, ensuring you stay updated and empowered.

  • Personal Growth: Our community is not just about managing stress - it's about leveraging it. Harness the inherent potential of stress, using it as a tool for personal growth and transformation.

Stress is a universal experience, but its management is deeply personal. The StressFest Community is here to guide, support, and celebrate your unique journey. Whether you're seeking strategies to cope, looking to connect with others, or aiming to turn stress into your superpower, this is the community for you.

Join us and redefine your relationship with stress.

Jay Unwin speaker bio

S-OS: Stressonomics Operating System

Embark on a transformative journey to stress mastery with the S-OS: Stressonomics Operating System online course. This comprehensive program harnesses cutting-edge research and practical applications to help you understand stress, identify personal stressors, and develop effective and personalised stress management strategies. The course is meticulously designed to empower you with knowledge, skills, and tools to turn stress into your ally, enhance productivity, and bolster personal growth.

Dive into the world of Stressonomics through ten detailed modules, each carefully crafted to impart a unique aspect of stress management. From understanding the science of stress to creating a personal stress management plan and implementing preventative strategies, the course covers all the facets of stress management. Learn how to leverage holistic stress management techniques, maintain stress balance, build adaptive resilience, and strategically time your stress responses. In addition, a bonus module introduces organisational stress management, highlighting the role of leadership in creating a balanced and supportive work environment.

Currently available as a FREE bonus gift for Early Access StressFest ticket-holders until August 31st.

(Usual price £150 from September 1st)

Here's what some past clients have to say:

"Jay is an absolute diamond gem in the fitness world... he has helped me develop sustainable healthy habits with self care! If you want to not just focus on one area of your overall health, when all are equally important, you need to give Jay a call!" - Vicki

"Jay is an extremely inspirational individual, with an immense amount of passion for enhancing health, fitness and wellbeing for all. He approaches everything with wise words, wisdom and positivity, drawing from his wealth of knowledge and experience to offer an abundance of heart felt advice and guidance." - Simon

"Jay Unwin is simply incredible. I wouldnt be where I am now if I hadnt met Jay 6 years ago, he has the most infectious positivity, biggest heart and genuine care for peoples all round health and mental welfare." - Emma

Are you ready to harness the power of stress and unlock your true potential? Join the StressFest Community today and take the first step on your journey to stress mastery!



Embark on a Transformative Journey

Unveil your full potential and build lasting resilience with our Adapt & Evolve executive coaching programme. This transformative journey is designed to help you navigate the intricate labyrinth of personal and professional challenges, equipping you with the insights and tools to thrive amidst adversity and unlock a superior level of performance.

A Unique Approach to Coaching

Adapt & Evolve is built upon the tenets of Stressonomics, offering a pioneering approach to executive coaching. We believe in the power of adaptive resilience and its critical role in facilitating personal and professional growth. Our programme is not merely about managing stress, but about harnessing it, using it as a propellant for evolution and enhancement.

The programme aims to help you build a personalised stress management strategy, instilling the principles of holistic stress management, adaptive resilience, minimum effective stress relief, strategic stress timing, and stress balance. As part of your coaching journey, we will work together to develop your stress management 'operating system', fostering self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.



Holistic Approach

Jay's individual services aren’t just theoretical; they merge academic knowledge with actionable tools, ensuring that every participant gets a 360° understanding of stress mastery.

Tailored Solutions

Every individual is unique, and so is their stress journey. Jay's courses, community, and coaching sessions are designed to resonate with your personal experiences, goals, and challenges, leading to truly effective results.

Journey Beyond Theory

With Jay, stress management is not just about learning but about transformation. His engaging narratives and hands-on strategies ensure that every individual emerges more resilient, with a deeper understanding of leveraging stress for growth.

Dive Into a Supportive Stress Mastery Community

Are you eager to transform your approach to stress, backed by a supportive community that understands and uplifts? It’s more than just a membership; it’s a journey towards optimized wellbeing and performance. Join the StressFest Community now and tap into a wealth of resources, camaraderie, and expert guidance from Jay himself. Dive in today to start reaping the myriad benefits of a collective focused on leveraging stress for growth.